Is External Counterpulsation Right For Your Clinic

Buying External Counterpulsation

External Counterpulsation is proven to be an exceptional investment both clinically to patients and financially to a clinic. The ECP machine is an investment, but has to make financial sense for your clinic. Here are the top reasons why you should have ECP in your clinic.

  1.  Help your Patients: You can substantially improve the quality of life of your patients with treatment.
  2.  ECP is safe and proven non-invasive treatment for cardiovascular conditions
  3.  Increase revenue of clinic
  4.  ECP has revised guidelines from recognized organizations
  5.  There are many patient testimonials including your own generated testimonials from your clinic
  6.  Differentiate yourself from the competition
  7.  Easy on your staff, and makes for a comfortable environment for a personalized approach to health
  8.  The technology is getting better for patients and operators  with reduced noise generation and ease of use
  9.  The technology is getting more and more affordable.
  10.  We can connect you with the right sources and material for a great clinical flow
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